UT Southwestern Study Looks to Identify Which Bladder Cancer Patients Need Follow-up Chemotherapy

Certain patients with surgically removed bladder cancers may need additional therapy to prevent the cancer from returning, according to a UT Southwestern study.

The five-year international study, that was published in European Urology, used a marker panel to predict which patients are more likely to have a recurrence of cancer after bladder removal by monitoring 216 patients to track if their cancers recurred by using five commercially available markers.

“It is well known that bladder cancer tumors have certain molecular alterations, but the problem is that there has been little data regarding which patients should get additional therapy, especially if there is no radiologic or pathologic evidence that the cancer has spread beyond the bladder,” said Dr. Yair Lotan, professor of urology at UT Southwestern and the study’s primary investigator and first author.

“This situation exists despite the fact that approximately 35 percent of patients treated by cystectomy develop metastatic disease and many of these individuals die of their disease.”

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  • Patricia

    My mom was diagnosed with high grade bladder cancer approximately 3.5cm in diameter it was then removed with no adjuvent therapy and less than two months later the cancer has returned. I too have breast cancer grade 3 under control though after chemo and rads.
    Why would they not treat high grade bladder cancer with chemo for preventative measures. I am not entirely sure i understand.