Healthcare Reform Fails With Physicians

Thirty percent of physicians graded the Affordable Care Act with an “F,” according to physician recruiting group The Medicus Firm. Physicians told pollers they had seen neither decreased costs nor increased quality of care, and also noted that the efficiency of the healthcare system has yet to improve.

Physicians do feel, however, that reform has increased access to healthcare services, with grades being split between B and C, with F being the third highest grade in the category.

“Since we initially began surveying physicians on this issue in 2009, they have expressed many concerns about the government’s answer to health reform, the PPACA,” said Medicus Firm president Jim Stone. “Most physicians seem to agree there is a serious need for the improvements in cost control, access, and quality of care, but the general consensus is that a large, sweeping, bureaucratic government intervention is not the way to improve the nation’s health care system.”

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  • Welch

    What is the utility of surveying MDs regarding the results of a paritially implemented plan?

  • Michael McGee

    As a journalist, this is absolutely a non-story!

    First, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has only barely been implemented. Second, there is only one source of information.

    The headline is also misleading. A more appropriate one would be “Healthcare Reform Fails With One Physicians Group.”

    Many of the stories on this web site are very good and informative. But this one needs to be taken down.

  • One needs to bear in mind that the ACA is not healthcare reform. It is, Health insurance reform by social regulation.

    As stated by one Supreme Court Justice, “So what were really doiing here, Is regulating the form of payment?”,, White house attorney,, “Yes”.

    All payments for medical services are to come from an insurer according to the ACA. This part of the ACA might be construed as to criminalize the act by an individual who pulls out his wallet and pays ones own doctor bill.

    Additional concerns are the crimanlizaton of poverty in the ACA. Those individuals who can not afford to purchase an ACA compliant policy are declared federal misdemeanor ofenders under the law. So basically if your too poor to buy it, then that makes you a criminal as a midemeanor offender and will have to pay the additional TAX fine.

    It’s sad to say, but the poor that the law was intended to help the most, will be the ones suffering the most.