Put Down That Coffee. It Might Be Killing You.

Those under 55 who drink a lot of coffee—more than four cups per day—may be at greater risk of an early death, a new report in Mayo Clinic Proceedings found.

The results: People under 55 who drank more than 28 cups per week were more like to die of almost any cause than people who drank less. Women were twice as likely to die from any cause and men were 56 percent more likely, compared to people who drank less. Even controlling for cigarette smoking, which is generally the big confounder in coffee studies, did not totally eliminate the link.

Researchers tracked almost 44,000 participants for 17 years, noting how many people died, and of what cause. Lifestyle factors like coffee consumption, diet, exercise, smoking, and weight were taken noted. It turned out that 2,500 people died during the study period, with men making up over 87 percent of those deaths.

It should be noted that many earlier studies have found that heavy coffee consumption actually decreases mortality rates, so it’s probably safe to keep drinking that java.

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  • Guy

    You are wrong, just keep saying things like this to help your advertisers.

    • Meredith

      If they wanted to help their advertisers, they would say to keep drinking coffee so the doctors would get business from people suffering from the effects of too much coffee….

  • The only thing I know you can drink 4 of a day and not die earlier is water… If they looked at people who drank 4 cups of orange juice (glycemic stress), diet coke (phosphorus – osteopenia; caffeine), milk (fat, casein), soy (estrogen), and so forth they would find problems with them all.

    Got to go, my water awaits….

  • Okay, I am confused first coffee is bad for you because of the caffeine. Then it is good because of preventing alzheimer’s and diabetes. Now it is bad again because in could shorten your life! I guess at least you will die clear headed.

  • captainhurt

    navigate away from this article. it might be terrorizing you.

  • Richard Rubin, MD

    Keep drinking! First, it was at 28 cups per week, which is a lot of coffee! If you drink that much, get it down anyway so you can sleep and stop shaking!

    This was an association study, in other words an observation that two conditions existed together, ie coffee consumption and death! It does not imply or prove causation. It was not contolled for other risks.

    As you say, the contradiction in medical research findings can leave you very confused. It is important to pay attention to what the study really shows, rather than headlines!

  • Alan H. Baldwin M.S.

    A ditto and an amen to Dr. Rubin’s second and third paragraph. Typical of most “nutrition research”, association not causation, observational study with no experiment and based on diet recall logs. And we know how accurate our own diet recall is from, say, lunch two days ago! And men who drink lots of coffee are perhaps likely to not get adequate sleep, and perhaps do less exercise, and have a low nutrient dense diet or for that matter where boxers instead of briefs! Bottom line: easy headline and woefully inadequate research that in no way justifies any concern or recommendation.