Texas Health Resources To Open New Center Focused on Population Health

Texas Health Resources unveiled plans this week for the Texas Health Population Health, Education & Innovation Center, appointing Tricia Nguyen, M.D., as the center’s president.

The center will serve as a hub for sharing best practices, disseminating information about innovative approaches, leading physician-directed population health initiatives, and coordinating community-based well-being collaboration.

“Texas Health is the vanguard of improving well-being and implementing physician-directed population health initiatives,” said THR CEO Douglas Hawthorne. “We are leading the way in advancing from the old world of episodic, fee-for-service health care to the new world of accountable care and a value-based model of health care. The center will play a key role in aligning clinical, operational, research and educational strategies to fulfill our mission to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve.”

The center will house Texas Health’s research and medical education activities, as well as technology initiatives for interdisciplinary clinical research, analytics, predictive modeling, data management, and remote patient monitoring. Community health and faith-based outreach activities will also be coordinated through the center.

Nguyen joins Texas Health from Banner Health Network in Arizona, where she served as chief medical officer.

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