Brokers Exploiting Health Insurance Exchanges In Texas, and Nationwide

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act-mandated health insurance exchanges has been…bumpy. Some would argue that the websites have been untenable and unnavigable, a series of dead-ends that leads to frustration and, likely, no new coverage. The rollout’s also served one other function: exploitation.

Officials across the country are reporting insurance brokers launching websites resembling the federal or state health exchanges, aimed at providing unsubsidized coverage for unaware consumers, the Associated Press reports.

In Texas that includes Texas Health Insurance Exchange, a website run by Scott Thiltgen, a state-licensed insurance agent in Cedar Park. He told the AP, “It’s basically there to have someone they can talk to that knows about the exchange,” and, “Right now I’ve got a list of people that are ready to sign up for subsidized exchange plans, but can’t.”

As always, caveat emptor.

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