Put Down the Crossword Puzzle, Pick Up Your Sneakers. It’s Time to Exercise Your Brain the Right Way.

Physical exercise can ease depression, slow memory loss, and prevent Parkinson-like symptoms, researchers said this week at the Society for Neuroscience conference, according to NPR.

The research suggests that people may be making a mistake if they’re relying on brain-training games for mental wellness, instead of physical exercise.

“We definitely have more evidence for exercise,” Teresa Liu-Ambrose of the University of British Columbia told conference-goers.

In a study of rats, those that ran on a treadmill for at least four months scored higher on memory tests as they got older. The running rats also had more blood vessels and white matter in their brains than did sedentary rats. The message, researchers said, is clear: “Exercise no matter how old you are.”

No word on how the rats performed on the crossword puzzles.

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