Dallas Attorney Named “Trustee of the Year” For Work at Parkland

Debbie Dudley Branson has been named not-for-profit trustee of the year by Modern Healthcare, for her work at the top of Parkland’s board of managers.

“It’s vastly different,” Branson said of Parkland today versus three years ago. “It’s cleaner, it’s safer, [and] I think the attitude of the tremendous staff we have is better.”

When the medical malpractice attorney was asked to serve on the board in 2011, she was told the position would require no more than 12 hours a week. But since then, it has mushroomed into a 60-hour-a-week job, one that found her elected by her fellow trustees to chair the public hospital system’s seven-person board.

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  • Ted Shaw

    In forty years in healthcare, I can’t think of a single individual who has contributed more in terms of leadership and a true sense of charity. Debbie is a true servant leader and this is a well earned honor.

  • scott chase

    As someone who follows local and national healthcare issues closely, I know Debbie Branson has made a significant difference in the way Parkland operates and the whole community has benefitted from her leadership.