New Med Schools Could Shift Healthcare Practices Across Texas

The development of new medical schools in the Rio Grande Valley and Austin may shift Texas’ healthcare resources and practices, according to The (Rio Grande Valley) Monitor.

While it may be difficult for many older Texas physicians to make the transition to a more collaborative, 21st-century approach, the establishment of the South Texas medical school and the Dell School of Medicine in Austin will train the future medical workforce with a foundation for interdisciplinary cooperation.

“Medical schools around the country are all undergoing change, and there is a general agreement about what those changes ought to be,” said Dr. Kenneth Shine, special adviser to the UT System chancellor. “But they are very slow to occur in existing institutions where you have already established departments and people.

“This is one of the reasons that the new deans for these two new schools are so excited; they have an opportunity to do things that are very modern,” Shine said.

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