Researchers Develop First-Ever Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s

Researchers believe they’ve developed the first blood test that can detect the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in a two-to-three year window, but it still must stand up to scrutiny in clinical trials before potentially landing in doctors’ offices.

The findings were first published in the journal Nature Medicine. Researchers took blood samples from hundreds of men and women older than 70. Of those, 28 developed Alzheimer’s or the cognitive deficiencies that often come before it, CNN reported.

The researchers then identified common lipids present in each of the affected patients and compared them to healthy seniors. According to the report, 54 other patients shared those same lipids. The study was 90 percent effective in predicting Alzheimer’s, the journal reported.

There is not currently a blood test that can predict the onset of the disease, which is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States.

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  • Bianca Karteron

    Can my doctor give blood test and will they be able to tell me if I’m headed into Alzheimer country? When will this be available?

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  • walter lehmann

    I noticed my wife change finally found a doctor to confirm she has Alzheimer’s. So I researched for help located a clinical site at 5AM ,filled form out nurse responded at 7;:30 . The ball started to go in motion , I felt that this clinical trial might have results for my wife and others [terrible disease] We start this program after testing ,MRI , and starting her on Aricept, Namenda. Dramatic change but it is temporary . That is why she is starting this program for Tau I believe this is our best chance and hope this will lead us in the right direction. I believe and hope this will help others as well , we need to interchange what we learn. 321 271 0256

  • Elliot Yudenfriend

    I realize that knowing just what is wrong with one’s loved one or with oneself can be a relief. But will knowing “within a 2-3 year period” do anything about the progress or the outcome of Alzheimer’s? I had no idea Alzheimer’s was the SIXTH leading cause of death in America. I knew it was not uncommon, but it shocks me that it’s that high on the list. I am going to get busy learning what I can do to keep from developing the disease. Here’s a tip for anyone who reads this: ASTAXANTHIN. It is supposed to be the best antioxidant supplement known—far ahead of CoQ10, R-Lipoic Acid and other supplements.