UTSW Launching $10 Million Regenerative Science Center

UT Southwestern Medical Center this week announced that a $10 million endowment gift will pay for the formation of a regenerative science center, which will study the effects of healing.

Dr. Eric Olsen, current chair of the Department of Molecular Biology, will head the Hamon Center for Regenerative Science and Medicine. It will focus on offering new approaches to healing and regeneration, including following advances in stem cell biology, tissue engineering, and organ fabrication.

“We look forward to the emergence of the Hamon Center as a leading source of transformative insights into regenerative science and medicine,” said Dr. Daniel K. Podolsky, President of UT Southwestern, in a statement.

Olson is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Medicine, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has spent much of his career researching heart development and regeneration, coming up with a genetic model of the heart that further illuminates how genes function.

“These advances provide a basis for the development of new approaches to the treatment and prevention of cardiac defects in infants and cardiac repair in adults, including several therapeutics already in development,” the university said.

Olson will pool from existing faculty and recruit from outside UTSW to staff the Hamon Center.

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