Graphic: Average Time In The ER At Baylor, Presby, and Parkland

Our newest data set is from numbers provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the fiscal year 2013, as corralled by the Texas Tribune in its interactive Texas Hospitals Explorer. For the next month, we’ll be posting graphics for three similarly sized hospitals: Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas (898 beds), Baylor University Medical Center (876 beds), and Parkland Memorial Hospital (769 beds).

First up, the average time in the emergency department among patients who are eventually admitted to the hospital. Graphic by Renee Blostein, interactive designer for D Magazine.


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  • Mark D

    What time frame is this data? Was this data availale/provided by CMS?

  • Jim Hunter

    Seems like Parkland (and the other Dallas hospitals) really hasn’t clean up it’s act with its ER, despite making extravagant claims with CMS that it’s reduced the time for ER waits and ER services.

    It wasn’t that long ago that Parkland was fined by CMS for waiting 17 hours to see Mike Herrera who died of a heart attack while waiting to see a doctor at Parkland.

    I wonder how UTSW faired with ER wait times.