Graphic: Rates Of Death Within 30 Days Of Discharge At Presby, Baylor UMC, Parkland

Our newest data set is from numbers provided by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the fiscal year 2013, as corralled by the Texas Tribune in its interactive Texas Hospitals Explorer. For the next month, we’ll be posting graphics for three similarly sized hospitals: Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas (898 beds), Baylor University Medical Center (876 beds), and Parkland Memorial Hospital (769 beds).

This week’s stat is the rates of death within 30 days of discharge. Graphic by Renee Blostein, interactive designer for D Magazine.

Rates Of Death After Discharge BUMC, Presby, Parkland

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  • Concerned Statistician

    I don’t think this data is well-suited to a pie chart……

    • Equally Concerned

      I agree with Concerned Statistician. The data doesn’t show a true comparison on numbers of patients. One pie chart may be showing 10 patients and the other may show 1,000 and you can’t determine that by this view.

    • slug21

      Absolutely, there is no rate in the graph, i.e., there is no way of determining a death rate and the 3 causes don’t total 100% which is what I would expect in a pie chart.