Who Makes More: Registered Nurses Or Physician Assistants?

It’s apparent that registered nurses and physician assistants are integral parts of healthcare delivery. They help monitor patient wellbeing as part of accountable care organizations and they staff retail clinics as well as other access points. But how much do they make?

Becker’s Hospital Review and Salary.com put a few stats together to show exactly that. Salary and bonus for RNs range from about $56,000 to all the way up to roughly $83,000. And PAs make even more: $80,000 up to $113,000. Head here for the infographic.

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  • Gary

    A more appropriate comparison would be Nurse Practitioners and PAs

  • Ryan De Bost

    This is a ridiculous story. Anyone in healthcare knows that a PA/NP who writes orders earns more than the RN who carries out those orders. PAs and NPs generate revenue while RNs are a cost in 99.9% of hospitals and clinics.

  • Gary

    This comparison is dumb. They don’t/can’t do the same thing. Nurse practitioners should be compared to PAs

  • Yeah, can’t make that comparison like that. Nurse Practitioners to Physician Assistants though – that would make for a better story :).