Health Wildcatters Grad Gets $650,000 In Seed Funding

The prolific Dallas-based investment firm Green Park and Golf Ventures has helped recent Health Wildcatters startup graduate Orb Health reach $650,000 in seed funding.

Orb is a mobile health platform that streamlines health data and services for consumers, providers, and businesses using a HIPAA-compliant platform. The funding round came from Green Park, Health Wildcatters, the angel investors Marco Mena, and Michael Cope.

“Orb Health represents the future of healthcare,” said Health Wildcatters CEO Hubert Zajicek. “The Orb platform not only optimizes the value of health data for patients and healthcare providers alike, but also enhances engagement between the two groups, improving healthcare for everyone involved.”

The cloud-based Orb collects and stores a patient’s personal health data from all the doctors he or she visits to produce a 360-degree view of their health. The idea is that patients can then better target and improve aspects of their health based off the personalized findings.

“This investment will not only help us implement and support customer on-boarding, but will also make a significant difference as we expand awareness in the market place,” said Orb Health founder and CEO Paul Oran. “It will move us closer to achieving our vision of transforming healthcare by empowering individuals and businesses with the tools to increase connectivity, transparency, awareness and efficiency of healthcare engagement.”

Texas startups have been raising quite a bit of money as of late. Green Park helped a Houston pharmaceutical company raise $5 million and another Health Wildcatters graduate raise $1 million.

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