Frisco’s True Health Diagnostics Hires Former BUMC Cardiology Director As Chief Medical Oofficer

Frisco-based True Health Diagnostics has hired Baylor University Medical Center’s former program director of interventional cardiology to be its chief medical officer.

Dr. Kenneth Johnson spent 2005 to 2010 at BUMC while practicing as an interventional cardiologist with HeartPlace, the oldest and largest cardiology group in North Texas. He became a senior director of cardiovascular medical affairs at AstraZeneca after that, following it up with a stint as chief strategy officer for the Cardiovascular Provider Resources physician group, and the medical director of inventive Health.

Johnson will be in charge of clinical outcomes and quality at True Health, as well as incorporate new programs into the business and offer advice on clinical matters.

True Health claims to be the nation’s largest diagnostics laboratory provider in the country. It spent $37.1 million last year acquiring Health Diagnostics Laboratory in a bankruptcy auction after the Virginia-based provider faced millions of dollars in fines by the federal government after a large-scale fraud investigation. True Health is continuing to operate the former Richmond office and laboratory, according to this report.

True Health offers off-site, diagnostic testing to healthcare providers.

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