Announcing: D Healthcare’s Latest Breakfast Panel, What Consolidation Has Done to the Market

For the past five years, we’ve seen massive consolidation in Dallas-Fort Worth. Baylor merged with Scott & White. Texas Health Resources paired with UT Southwestern Medical Center to form an integrated network. Independent physicians have been grouping together, aiming to help give them the resources to implement the value-based payment models that the federal government is increasingly mandating.

But, OK, what does that all mean for the people actually using the healthcare services? And what does it mean for the employers who are subsidizing their workforce’s medical claims?

On December 9, from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., D Healthcare Daily will host a panel discussion focusing on those very topics—namely, what does healthcare consolidation mean for the way we get our medical services in the future? I’ll be moderating a chat between Joel Allison, the outgoing CEO of Baylor Scott & White Health; Dr. Chris Crow, the independent doctor responsible for Village Health Partners and the president of the Catalyst Health Network; and Marinan Williams, the senior executive officer for market relations for Southwestern Health Resources.

Head here to RSVP, and head to this link to see coverage of our last breakfast panel.

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