UT Arlington Receives $6 Million in Grants to Strengthen Cancer Research Program

The University of Texas at Arlington received more than $6 million in new grants in 2016 to fund its integrated cancer research program and improve the patient experience.

UTA President Vistasp Karbhari says the university’s scientific expertise in basic cancer research, identification and diagnostics and non-invasive, mid-term, invasive and post-operative therapies, is accelerating.
“By assembling a world-class team that works together, we hope not only to make transformative advances in key areas related to cancer, but also to provide the highest level of educational and research experiences to our students” Karbhari said in a statement.

UTA’s cancer research program is a part of the university’s “Bold Solutions, Global Impact” strategic plan. UTA Associate Vice President for Research Dr. Jon Weidanz says the plan identifies over-arching themes in the areas of health and the human condition, global environmental impact, data-driven discovery, and sustainable urban communities.

The grants will “help move forward the specific objectives of the strategic plan to develop health innovations that will be distinguished by diagnostic, prognostic, and technological advancements that help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives,” Weidanz said in an interview.

Currently, UTA’s cancer team includes more than 25 faculty members from its colleges of science, engineering, nursing, and health innovation. University researchers are also exploring the commercial sector, working to commercialize next-generation cancer therapies and to improve the performance of drugs that are already on the market.

“Further facilitating the translation of our inventions into viable therapies, with investment backing from major pharmaceutical companies, corporate venture capital and angel investors, is an important strategy as we move forward,” Weidanz said. “This will allow us to create an innovation hub around cancer that will integrate the University with surrounding businesses and enhance our national and international reputation.”

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