Medical City Frisco Expands Heart Services, Opens Catheterization Lab

Medical City Frisco has expanded its heart services, opening a new cardiac catheterization lab on Feb. 14. The cath lab enables emergency medical workers to bring heart attack patients directly to the hospital for immediate treatment.

The cath lab is a designated room holding special diagnostic imaging equipment allowing interventional cardiologists to diagnose and treat coronary artery disease through catheters or other heart chamber and artery devices. The procedures conducted in a cath lab are less invasive and require a shorter recovery period.

Marc Krock, MD, will lead Medical City Frisco’s cath lab services, focusing on techniques and patient education to minimize the risk of heart attack and stroke and to prevent, treat, and manage cardiovascular disease.

Charles Gressle, CEO of Medical City Frisco, says giving Frisco residents “quick and immediate access” to heart attack treatments is in-line with its mission to “save lives in motion.”

“Our cath lab will be a powerful community medical resource and will save thousands of lives,” Gressle said in a statement.

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