Dallas-based Compass Debuts App to Increase Medical Shopping Transparency

Compass Professional Health Services, a Dallas-based healthcare technology and consulting company, has introduced its Compass Health Pro Cloud app to the market. The app aims to provide a personalized digital healthcare experience that simplifies healthcare for employers and increase medical shopping transparency.

Jeff Cribbs, research director in the Gartner Industries Research group, says “current medical shopping transparency tools are insufficient” to meet consumer needs. “Compass set the standard for creating a premier health benefits experience with our consultants,” he added. “Now, we’re simplifying healthcare again.”

Compass’ app hopes to fill the void that is “left by traditional price transparency portals” and current transparency tools.

The app features the following:

  • Instant expertise to help employees navigate the complex healthcare landscape and receive instant answers to questions 24/7.
  • Tailored recommendations that consider employees’ preferences, anticipate their needs, and are based on Compass’ proprietary algorithms and context engine.
  • Expert support from employees’ personal Compass Health Pro consultant to answer detailed health benefit questions and provide extra help with important healthcare decisions.
  • Organization tools that conveniently update employees’ healthcare history–including past doctors, procedures and prescriptions.

The app is a part of the company’s navigator plan to provide employees with comprehensive support throughout their entire healthcare journey. It provides patient advocacy support to help employees understand their healthcare benefits, maximize them, and “remove the hassle of reviewing problematic medical bills and scheduling doctor’s appointments.”

Decision-support services are also available for employees to find higher-quality providers and care, identify better rates to pay less for prescriptions, and connect users to other helpful programs like telemedicine and disease management.

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