Walnut Hill Medical Center Recognized for Emergency Care Excellence

The Walnut Hill Medical Center has been recognized with a “Certificate of Excellence” by HealthStream Inc., a Nashville, Tenn.-based organization delivering research solutions to approximately 4.5 million healthcare providers and employees in the U.S. WHMC was recognized for attaining an overall rating score for hospital emergency department patient satisfaction at the 98th percentile from October to December 2016.

Located in Dallas, WHMC is a 100-bed, acute-care hospital that opened in 2014. The following year, WHMC was the only hospital in Texas to receive an “Excellence through Insight” award for the overall emergency department patient experience for medium-sized hospitals by HealthStream.

Cory Countryman, CEO of WHMC, says the hospital was designed to be a place in Dallas where individuals could receive advanced medicine with compassionate care.

“Our vow is to do everything we can to ensure that each patient’s experience meets or exceeds their expectations,” Countryman said. “This honor proves that we’re living up to our promise.”

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