10th Annual Healthcare Dealmakers Conference Talks Consolidation, Healthcare Payment and Delivery

The 10th Annual Healthcare Dealmakers Conference is taking place this Wednesday and Thursday at the Four Seasons Dallas in Las Colinas. The conference will discuss topics including the continuing high pace of consolidation as well as rapid changes in healthcare payment and delivery under the new presidential administration.

The Healthcare Dealmakers Conference attracts prominent local and national healthcare providers, their capital sources, and advisors to discuss the opportunities and challenges of deal-making in the healthcare services marketplace. This year’s keynote speakers will be Ron Silva of San Francisco-based Fillmore Capital and Eric Rock of Plano-based Vivify Health, speaking on healthcare and senior living markets and innovation. An annual startup pitch competition hosted by Health Wildcatters will also take place during the two-day event.

Additionally, the conference will feature panel discussions on topics including the convergence of technological innovation and healthcare services, reforms in Medicare payment policy, and the increasing relevance of “hybrid” plans such as Medicare Advantage and Medicare Managed Care.

“This is a very exciting time for the healthcare services industry–the deal market is bullish, and innovation is everywhere,” Bobby Guy, Healthcare Dealmakers Conference chair, told D CEO Healthcare. “We also see strong convergence among sectors. The bright lines that divided different sectors a decade ago are blurring as companies diversify the types of healthcare services they provide. The uncertainty factor from inside the beltway, instead of hurting healthcare consolidation, is favoring the bold.”

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