Axxess Healthcare Pilots Program to ‘Uberize’ Home Healthcare

Axxess, a home health technology company focusing on cloud-based software and services, is piloting an app that will connect home health agencies with qualified clinicians to provide care to patients 24/7. Named AxxessCARE, this “uberization” of healthcare reportedly is the first in its sector.

Axxess is currently testing AxxessCARE with agencies and clinicians in Dallas-Fort Worth over the next few months before releasing it to agencies and clinicians throughout the country. Utilizing AgencyCore, Axxess’ secure, HIPAA-compliant software, the app allows clinicians to apply to conduct patient visits after background checks and license verifications have been completed upon registering. Agencies will then be able to review and select the most appropriate clinician for each posted visit.

AxxessCARE will display clinician profiles, competencies, expertise, availability, and ratings, so that agencies are able to communicate with interested clinicians, post visits, and coordinate care in real-time. The app also features an electronic visit verification that helps agencies know when visits are complete in order to review documentation, process payments, and rate performance. Verified clinicians can apply for posted visits that match their skills, desired compensation, and other selection criteria with agencies.

“With this model, once the opportunities are posted online, healthcare professionals can select patients to visit within closer parameters,” Axxess CEO John Olajide said. “They can pick the patients closest to them to deliver care faster.”

The reason for creating the app was not only to make patient care more accessible, Olajide told D CEO Healthcare, but also to enhance the doctor-patient relationship. “Patients will feel more trusting to see clinicians having proof in knowing their background and credentials are verified,” he said. “After the visit, both the clinician and patient can rate each other on certain criteria, which establishes a level of accountability and transparency with health care.”

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