Southwest Medical Foundation Announces 2017 Ho Din Award Recipient

The Southwestern Medical Foundation has announced the winner of its 2017 Ho Din Award–the foundation’s highest honor. Lauren Kolski will accept the award and a $10,000 scholarship on June 4 during the annual ceremony.

The Ho Din award has been granted to accomplished UT Southwestern faculty members or outstanding medical school seniors for more than 70 years. It was established in honor of Dr. Edward Cary to advance medical education and “inspire a great citizenship to greater deeds.” Notable Ho Din award recipients include Dr. Joseph L. Goldstein, the 1985 Nobel Prize winner in physiology and medicine.

Awards are given to those who “combine medical wisdom with human understanding at the highest level.” This year Kolski will be honored for her academic work and philanthropy as she graduates from UT Southwestern to begin a transitional year at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. Kolski founded the Agape Women’s Clinic in Dallas, which provides free well-woman exams to the community. She graduated magna cum laude from Vanderbilt University in medical and cell biology and Spanish.

Kathleen Gibson, president and CEO of Southwestern Medical Foundation, said in a statement: “[Kolski]’s academic achievements—combined with the esteem she has earned from faculty and peers for her humble, impactful service—serve as an example for others. … This award represents the qualities inherent in all great physicians, and [she] epitomizes these qualities.”

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