Medical City Fort Worth Opens Comprehensive Liver Center

Medical City Fort Worth’s comprehensive liver transplant center performs a full spectrum of medical services. (Courtesy of: Medical City Healthcare)

Medical City Fort Worth’s Transplant Institute recently opened a new comprehensive liver center. It will offer a full spectrum of medical services for patients diagnosed with advanced liver disease, liver cancer, and other diseases pertaining to the liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and bile ducts.

With this new comprehensive liver center, Medical City Fort Worth will also perform transplants as part of the program. The hospital recently operated on its first patient who reportedly recovered successfully.

According to Medical City Fort Worth, it received approval to perform liver transplants in January 2017 from the United Network for Organ Sharing. The hospital’s comprehensive liver center team includes experienced transplant surgeons, hepatologists, and other medical staff who are specially trained in working with patients with liver disease.

John Corbeil, COO of Medical City Fort Worth, says “the process of liver transplantation takes tremendous coordination, planning and training. In the operating room, our multidisciplinary medical team performs like an orchestra, with Dr. [Sameh] Fayek, [who heads the liver transplant program], as the conductor.”

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