UT Southwestern Identifies Most Effective Treatment For Child Iron-Deficiency Anemia

UT Southwestern researchers have identified the most effective treatment for children diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia. According to the medical center, treatment methods and protocols up until this point were underresearched and insufficient.

UT Southwestern’s department of pediatrics conducted a 12-week randomized clinical trial studying 80 male and female patients ages nine to 48 months who had been previously diagnosed with IDA. Findings showed that by comparing the efficiency of pure iron salt to an iron blended complex, a low dosage of the oral iron salt compound was more effective for patients.

Dr. George Buchanan, professor emeritus of pediatrics at UT Southwestern, said in a statement that “the rigorous, randomized clinical trial our research team performed was the first to compare two different iron supplements by defining the optimal dose and duration of iron treatment necessary in order to correct the anemia.

“Our hope is that these findings will have a substantial impact on standards of care for children with iron-deficiency anemia by offering an evidence-based treatment approach,” Buchanan added.

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