UTSW Finds ‘Combination Immunotherapy’ Is Effective For Battling Kidney Cancer

UT Southwestern researchers have found combining two immunotherapy drugs can help treat kidney cancer. According to a new study, the effect of this combination therapy produced an “unprecedented doubling of response rates from 20 to 40 percent.”

While previous single-agent immunotherapy treatments yielded results, the method only benefits a small subset of patients. UT Southwestern reported its trial combination therapy on 100 patients used already FDA-approved medicine, and led to positive treatment that can last more than two years.

Dr. Hans Hammers, co-leader of the kidney cancer program at Harold Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center at UT Southwestern, says that “for this group of patients, these are very significant results.”

The study will continue as UT Southwestern researchers prepare for a Phase III trial, for which new patients were recently enrolled. If combination immunotherapy continues to be successful, Hammers believes “it would lead to a new standard of care for kidney cancer patients.”

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