Baylor Scott & White Health Renames Fort Worth Cancer Center

The Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center-Fort Worth Joan Katz Breast Center has been renamed the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center. The center’s parent, Baylor Scott & White Health, decided to change the name to “better reflect the robust services provided to patients with all forms of cancer,” instead of listing just one specialty service, it said. While the hospital initially focused on breast cancer services when it opened in 2010, it has since expanded to different types of cancer services.

Under its new name, the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center plans to continue to focus and build upon its cancer navigation program to provide palliative and patient value-based care to members. It will also provide navigation services 24/7 for breast cancer, gynecological cancer, blood cancers, and youth cancer patients.

Suzy Salomon, operations manager at the Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center, says it was apparent that patients valued the center’s available cancer navigation and support resources.

“When patients hear the words ‘You have cancer,’ their world is turned upside down,” Salomon said in a statement. “We’re here to help them understand their diagnoses, answer any questions, set up appointments and follow up with them before, during and after treatment. We truly are with them every step of the way… We already help navigate those individuals with other types of cancer through the cancer care process, so we want our name to be more inclusive and reflective of all the kinds of cancer patients we help.”

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  • The name “Joan Katz Cancer Resource Center” does indeed reflect a larger scope of services and all forms of cancer.