UT Southwestern Selected as American Research Team for $6 Million Research Grant

Dr. Hesham Sadek (Courtesy of: UT Southwestern)

A UT Southwestern professor and director has been selected to share in a $6 million research grant from the Leducq Foundation of Paris. Dr. Hesham Sadek was recently named the American coordinator for researchers for the Transatlantic Networks of Excellence program. Sadek’s team will collaborate on research for cardiovascular and neurovascular disease.

According to the French foundation, the grant is designed to bring together top researchers around the globe to exchange ideas, research, data, and theories on cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases. This grant will specifically fund researchers testing for new ways to regenerate damaged heart muscle in heart failure patients.

Sadek and his team of regeneration specialists at UT Southwestern will be working with team members in New York, Paris, Madrid, London, and Stockholm during the five-year-long program.

Sadek described plans for heart regeneration research at UT Southwestern for the Leducq Foundation of Paris in a statement: “The heart muscle, when lost, is not replaced. So the remaining muscle has to pick up the function of the lost muscle, and must work harder, and so muscle cells continue to die,” he said. “The potential for scientific interaction within this network is particularly exciting. Every single member of the consortium is a major figure in their field.”

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