Tenet Completes $850 Million Detroit Project

Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare has completed a $850 million project in Detroit, its largest hospital market. Detroit Medical Center, which is owned by for-profit Tenet, recently finished the last campus renovation–the addition of a $155 million critical care tower.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Tenet acquired DMC in 2013 after purchasing Nashville, Tenn.-based Vanguard Health Systems. Tenet has fulfilled Vanguard’s previous promise, made to DMC in 2010, “to renovate and upgrade the once-struggling hospital system” and also change DMC’s business model from nonprofit to for-profit.

Over four years, Tenet’s $850 million in construction for the DMC campus included a new cardiovascular hospital, a new emergency room at DMC’s Sinai-Grace Hospital, a new out-patient center, $350 million in “routine” capital investment, and the newly completed $155 million critical care tower for DMC’s Children’s Hospital.

Tenet will continue one DMC policy, despite DMC being recently turned into a for-profit model. DMC will proceed with its benevolent care policy by “providing more charity care at the medical center than is legally required for a for-profit hospital,” the Detroit Free Press reported.

While the critical care tower is already taking patients, DMC reported it will be fully complete once the lobby is finished being built/furnished in early 2018.

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