Platinum Dermatology Adds A Practice Serving Eastern Dallas

Platinum Dermatology Partners—a dermatology-focused, comprehensive physician services organization founded in 2016—has added a practice serving Garland, Rowlett, and Mesquite to its network.

Dallas-based Platinum said its seventh and newest practice is Howsden Dermatology, which has a focus on skin cancer detection and treatment in eastern Dallas. Howsden was founded in 1983 by Dr. F. Lester Howsden. Today its patients are cared for by Dr. Akash A. Patel and Dr. Kevin F. Kia.

“My physician partners and I are thrilled to welcome the Howsden Dermatology team to our growing network,” Dr. Kent Aftergut, a member of the Platinum Clinical Advisory Board, said in a news release. “Drs. Patel and Kia are outstanding additions.”

Platinum is backed by Sterling Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm whose other healthcare investments have included Kids Care Dental, based in Northern California, and Chicago-based Q-Centrix.

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  • orthomama

    Private Equity running dermatology medical practices – what could possibly go wrong? /sarc. We all know that putting a non-physician profit seeking business in the middle of the doctor-patient relationship is a BAD idea. Medical care is not widget sales. Get MBA’s out of healthcare management and watch our national healthcare system heal.

    • David Riddel

      TX has some of the best laws and case law against the “corporate practice of medicine”. Yet, when it comes to enforcing these laws, TX has become the “sanctuary state” for corporate medicine. Someone asked the Consumer Protection Division of the TX Attorney General’s Office why they did not enforce these laws. Their response was that it was “competition enhancing”. Wall Street sure knows who to pay with their lobbyist money.