Ex-CEO of Epic Health Services: ‘I Was in Sick Care, Not Healthcare, And Didn’t Know It’

You might remember longtime Dallas healthcare executive Chris Roussos most recently as the president and CEO of locally based Epic Health Services. Before Bain Capital Private Equity agreed to buy Epic in 2016 for an estimated $1 billion, Roussos presided over an acquisition tear, snapping up eight healthcare companies for Epic in one year, for a total of 17 over three years. Now the Dallas exec has switched gears, becoming the chief executive officer of 24 Hour Fitness—the nation’s third-largest fitness chain—in May. Though 24 Hour Fitness is based in California, Roussos is continuing to live in Dallas, where he owns a home and his children go to school. Among other things, Roussos says, his new company is talking with managed care organizations about its corporate wellness programs. “I thought I was in healthcare before, but I was in sick care and didn’t know it,” he says. “Now I’m really in healthcare!” Read more about Roussos in this story in the December issue of D CEO magazine.

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