Telemedicine Brings Much-Needed Specialty Care to Rural Hospitals

If you cannot recruit specialists to your rural hospital, the next best thing may be bringing them on board remotely. The booming industry of telemedicine is improving care in rural areas, physicians say, by improving response times and oftentimes vanishing the long drive to the closest urban center that typically accompanied care. Full Story

Baylor Creates Consulting Subsidiary to Spread the Word on Quality Innovation

Policymakers and healthcare executives traditionally paid little attention to quality. But Baylor executives aimed to change that—and have. The Institute of Healthcare Improvement has cited the system as “an exemplar of relentless focus.” “We live in a global community,” said David Ballard, Baylor’s chief quality officer. “The things we do in Grapevine and Waxahachie are of interest in Hong Kong and Israel.” Full Story

Employers Warming Up to Private Exchanges

Private health insurance exchanges are expected to fundamentally change how insurance is purchased by the 170 million U.S. employees who have employer-sponsored coverage. Yet, more than eight out of 10 Americans have no idea what private exchanges are or how they work. Full Story

Medical Scribes Ease EMR Time Burden

The use of medical scribes is swiftly expanding. The federal government estimated that more than half of doctors’ offices and 80 percent of hospitals that accept Medicare or Medicaid would have electronic health records by the end of 2013. Only about 17 percent of physicians used electronic records in 2008. Full Story

Why CEOs Neglect Their Health

A CEO’s lifestyle can conspire against a healthy existence. Business meals often consist of sumptuous high-fat, high-sodium entrees and generous amounts of alcohol. The diet can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Full Story