Wally Gomaa’s drive to revolutionize health care in the areas of disease management and wellness inspired him to become a founder and CEO of ACAP Health, and Senior Vice President and shareholder of Holmes Murphy & Associates. His overall health care expertise and experiences allowed him to implement the nation’s largest health management program for individuals with diabetes and heart disease. As a former President of a national insurance carrier, CFO of a health care provider, and a benefits consultant, Wally has a unique understanding of the goals and inner-workings of all major stakeholders in the health care equation. His past experiences give him tremendous insights into how the entire system can work better for businesses and their employees. Wally earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Stephen F. Austin State University. He continued his education at the University of Houston, where he earned his MBA and MHA.

The Real Financial ROI on Wellness Is Not Important; Disease Is

I’ve been sitting on this topic for quite some time now, but not because I know it’s a heated and controversial topic. I’ve been sitting on this because I’m so incredibly passionate about what I’m going to say, that I wanted it to be just right. As a former financial officer for both a hospital system and an insurance company, I can talk all day about ROI. Here’s the thing–there’s a pattern by some in our industry for committing “math crimes” over the last two decades. I’m not sure if I coined this two-word phrase on accident or if I… Full Story