Dallas Group Donates $3.2 Million to Fight Pediatric Brain Cancer

The Carson Leslie Awards, a partnership between The Carson Leslie Foundation and The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, has now donated more than $3.2 million to area hospitals, in an effort to find less toxic childhood brain cancer treatments, the group announced recently. Recipients include UT-Southwestern, Baylor College of Medicine, and Texas Tech University Health Science Center. Less toxic treatment for children who are undergoing harsh chemotherapy and radiation on their young and growing bodies is critical, foundation officials said. Childhood cancer survivors face serious medical complications, secondary cancers, cognitive impairments and shortened lifespans.

Dirk Nowitzki to Donate to Rare Disease Research

Dirk Nowitzki will donate $20 for every two-pointer the Dallas Mavericks make for a month to research of a rare disease, he said recently. The Mavs superstar is teaming with the iBellieve Foundation to raise money for research on MPS II, also known as Hunter syndrome, a rare and progressively debilitating genetic disorder that almost exclusively affects males. Enlarged heads, buildups of fluid in the brain, bone and joint deformities, and heart valve abnormalities are just some of the complications that can befall MPS II sufferers. Nowitzki is a long-time friend and supporter of iBellieve Foundation founder, Simon Ibell. Alright, so let’s do some math. The… Full Story