Not Just Timberlawn: Report Finds Major Safety Incidents At Other DFW Psych Hospitals

Timberlawn isn’t the only psychiatric hospital to have seen major safety incidents over the last half decade, according to an investigation published Sunday by The Dallas Morning News. The News dug into inspection records and lawsuits dating back to 2011. It reports that about half the psych hospitals in Dallas-Fort Worth have had a major safety incident during that timeframe, defining the parameters of that distinction with three main events: “a suicide or significant attempt; a report of unwanted sexual contact; or a serious physical attack.” The story makes specific note of Millwood Hospital, in Arlington, and Sundance, which has… Full Story

TMA President: Allowing Therapists to Diagnose Mental Illness is Not the Answer

Read, a Dallas-based colon and rectal surgeon, wrote the piece in response to a lawsuit brought by an association of Texas’ marriage and family therapists that wants its members to be able to legally diagnose mental illness. They are appealing a lower court decision that blocked them from doing so. Read quotes multiple legal filings that refer to protecting the livelihoods of the family and marriage therapists instead of increasing access. Full Story

Texas Health Resources Buys Corinth Hospital and Will Reopen it as a Behavioral Health Facility

The Arlington-based nonprofit system announced the deal to acquire Corinth’s Atrium Medical Center on Monday, a 62,500 square foot facility that will be transformed into an inpatient and outpatient center for behavioral health. THR will spend $13 million in renovations of the 60-bed hospital to complete the conversion. Full Story

Texas Isn’t The Only State Having Problems Attracting Psychiatrists

The AP notes that the total number of physicians rose by 45 percent from 1995 to 2013 but the amount of child and adult psychiatrists went up by only 12 percent. With the U.S. population booming upward by 37 percent, the 6,000 or so new psychiatrists aren’t going to cut it. And they’re not evenly distributed. Full Story

Texas Gears Up To Offset Student Loans For Rural Psychiatrists

Back in April, Irving physician recruitment firm published a study that found 185 of Texas’ 254 counties lack a psychiatrist. And during the legislative session, the statehouse responded. A bill sponsored by state Sen. Chuck Schwertner, R-Georgetown, passed into law that will give cash incentives to medical school graduates to practice in underserved areas to pay down their student loan. Full Story