Teladoc CEO Jason Gorevic On Battling The Texas Medical Board, Continuing Momentum From IPO

Just before Christmas, a federal judge denied the Texas Medical Board’s motion to dismiss an antitrust lawsuit brought by Teladoc, the nation’s largest telehealth provider. It’d been a long year for the Lewisville-based company—the TMB passed a rule in March requiring a patient and a doctor to have face-to-face contact before an ailment could be diagnosed or drugs could be prescribed via telemedicine. That would’ve effectively gutted Teladoc’s business model, which involves pairing a patient at random with a board-licensed physician. The same judge that ordered an injunction in May swatted away the TMB’s argument that the board is immune… Full Story

Conversation With: Axxess’ John Olajide On Reading The Future Of Home Health

John Olajide doesn’t spend much time in his new office. The private corner room belonging to founder and CEO of home health services company Axxess Technology Solutions is relatively bare: A few photos, awards, a desk, a couple chairs. It’s there for utility, just in case someone needs to meet in private. They’re usually someone who’s from out of town, someone who doesn’t necessarily work for the rapidly growing company. You’ll usually find Olajide out on the floor with the rest of the employees, his things spread out on a large circular table. This is how he says he likes it: a… Full Story

Conversation With: Checking In With The President Of The Baylor S&W Quality Alliance

The Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance, the nonprofit health system’s accountable care organization, is now in its third year. It’s expanding into new markets, particularly near Scott & White’s home in Temple. So D Healthcare Daily decided to check in with its president, Dr. Cliff Fullerton, to get an update on what has become one of Baylor Scott & White’s major initiatives. Full Story

Conversation With (Part 2): Baylor S&W’s Chairman On Expanding Into Other States, Why Merger Almost Failed

On Friday, D Healthcare Daily ran the first part of a conversation with Jim Turner, the man who now holds Baylor Scott & White Health’s highest board seat. He talked population health, his background, and what he hopes to see in the next two years. Today, we go a little deeper—what are the chances Baylor Scott & White expands to new markets? And were there ever any hiccups in planning the merger? Full Story

Conversation With: Baylor S&W’s New Board Chair Talks Goals, Expectations, Population Health

In this first of two interviews, Turner talks why he was attracted to being on the board, what’s different about being chairman, and what comes next for the state’s largest nonprofit health system. Part two of this chat will be published on Monday. D Healthcare Daily: You’ve been on the board, first before the merger with the Baylor Health Care System, for the past 14 years. What made you want to volunteer your time that way? Jim Turner: Well, I guess it all started with my going to Baylor University and being associated with Baylor for so long. I converted… Full Story

Conversation With: Checking In With Baylor CEO Joel Allison Near Anniversary Of Scott & White Merger

Next month, Baylor Scott & White Health will celebrate its second anniversary since the Dallas and Temple-based hospital giants merged. Here are his thoughts on the future of value-based care and technology as well as the pluses and minuses of consolidation, and whether he sees Baylor Scott & White’s tentacles extending beyond North and Central Texas. Full Story

Conversation With: John Thomas Talks About Recession-Proof REITs And The Dallas Market (Part Two)

Yesterday, D Healthcare Daily published a Q&A with John “JT” Thomas, a man who helped what was then known as the Baylor Health Care System decide to turn to a Real Estate Investment Trust to manage one of its medical office buildings. Thomas is now president and CEO of Milwaukee’s Physicians Realty Trust, a publicly traded healthcare REIT that focuses primarily on medical office buildings. It manages a portfolio worth $1.4 billion. Yesterday’s portion of our chat focused on what REITs are and why they’ve become a significant factor in the healthcare industry. Read it here. Today, we get a… Full Story

Conversation With: John Thomas, The Man Who Helped Bring REITs To North Texas

John Thomas spent five years as general counsel the Baylor Health Care System, eventually assisting in one of the first healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in Dallas. It proved to be a model that would last in North Texas: Now 15 years later, nearly every major system in the region has an agreement with a REIT. Full Story

Conversation With: Dr. Andrew K. Lee, Head Of Dallas-Fort Worth’s First Proton Therapy Center

Later this year, cancer patients throughout Dallas-Fort Worth will have access to a 220-ton machine known as a cyclotron that delivers concentrated doses of radiation directly to a tumor with minimal exposure to healthy tissue, a process that has been proven to minimize side effects. North Texas is currently the largest region without access to such a machine. But not for long. Here is a conversation with the doctor tapped to lead it. Full Story

Conversation With: Dr. Ken Cooper, Reflecting On Aerobics And Longevity

Dr. Ken Cooper is perhaps the most important aerobics researcher in the United States. He literally wrote the book on it—1968’s Aerobics has since been translated into more than 40 languages. Here, D CEO partner David Johnson interviewed the Dallas-based Cooper about his recent recognition from the National Football Foundation (despite, mind you, never actually playing the sport) and the impact his aerobics research has had on the life expectancy of millions throughout the world. Full Story