Lewisville-based Orthofix to Pay $34 Million in False Claims Act Fines

Orthofix, a Lewisville medical-device company, will pay more than $34 million to settle allegations stemming from a whistleblower lawsuit. The suit, filed by Jeffrey Bierman, alleged that the company improperly waived patient co-payments, resulting in a misstatement of the device costs and resulting in excess reimbursement by the federal government. The suit also claimed the company “paid kickbacks to physicians and their staffs in the form of ‘fitter fee,’ ” as well as other fees, according to a Justice Department news release. Under to the agreement, Orthofix did not accept liability and denied the Justice Department allegations. The company will… Full Story

Life Expectancy By County

Life expectancy grew in two decades by more than seven years for Collin County men and about half that much for Collin County women. A recent report by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) found that the county closed the life-expectancy gap with the nation’s highest rate from about eight years in 1989 to about one year in 2009. The nation’s highest life expectancy for men is Marin County, CA, at 81.6 years. Collin County men are not far behind at 80.5 years. The County Health Rankings, prepared by the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, ranked Collin… Full Story