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How Are Employers Responding To The Healthcare Law?

What’s clear and not at all surprising is that employers have their hands full. Most said the law has increased their administrative burden. That burden includes communicating with employees about public exchanges, and tracking and reporting hours, eligibility and certification of plans. Full Story

Baylor Scott & White Health Turns One Year Old

I am often asked why Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare merged in 2013. Like many big ideas, it had simple beginnings. Believe it or not, it actually began with a discussion over breakfast that eventually led to the board approving the merger. Full Story

Let’s Create Smarter Healthcare Consumers

In a national survey taken last year, 60 percent of respondents said they spent an hour or less when choosing a health plan, while a quarter said they spent 15 minutes or less. That’s right, less than an hour—and maybe as little as 15 minutes—to choose something as important as a health plan. Full Story

Remembering Parkland’s Dr. Ron Anderson, A Humble Servant Leader

The ability of one man or woman to change an entire community for the better is rare. It has been a privilege to watch Ron Anderson, MD do just that over the last 30 years. He is the perfect example of the humble servant leader, who through his own life shows others the way to care for those who suffer and need help. Full Story

Can Insurance Carriers Perform Audits The Same Way Medicare Does?

Within the last year, I have seen a significant increase in the number of insurance carriers (“insurers”) that perform prepayment and post-payment audits on providers’ claims. Moreover, many of these insurers have taken a page out of Medicare’s book by performing statistical extrapolations, which results in astronomical overpayments. Full Story

The Economic Paradox of Texas Healthcare

As has been reported repeatedly, the Texas economy is strong. But how strong is Texas healthcare? We are blessed in Texas to rank 15th in the nation with an unemployment rate of 5.1 percent. But just how healthy are we? Let’s count the numbers. Full Story

Community Benefit: Why Baylor Scott & White Exceeds State Demands In Charity Care

Texas nonprofit hospitals must spend at least 5 percent of their net patient revenue on community benefits, of which at least 4 percent must come from charity care. Prior to merging, the Baylor Health Care System gave six times that amount and Scott & White provided four times that amount. CEO Joel Allison writes about why this is important to the nonprofit’s mission. Full Story