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Breaking Down Healthcare’s Susceptibility To Hacking In Wake Of Anthem Breach

There are a lot of people saying that healthcare is particularly vulnerable to hacking. And, full disclosure, most of them stand to profit if you believe them (including HIPAA experts like me, in fact). The recent breach of insurance giant Anthem’s patient data gives an opportunity for a bunch of news articles on just this point. So let’s consider it for a moment. Much hacking and phishing is aimed at access to quick-value money: credit card numbers that can be used right away (with the victim perhaps not knowing about the use until the bill comes, or perhaps not even noticing it… Full Story

Baylor Scott & White Health Reflects On 30 Years Of Transplantation

Dr. Göran Klintmalm, chairman of transplantation at Baylor Scott & White Health, recently told a room full of listeners stories of how he and other leaders at Baylor launched the transplant program here exactly 30 years ago. It was 1984. Dr. Klintmalm kept pockets full of nickels and knew the location of every pay phone in East Dallas, always prepared to make impromptu phone calls to procure organs for his patients. Full Story

Adapting To Healthcare’s New Payment Models: Value Versus Volume

While these programs have been rolling out over the last several years, HHS is stepping up the implementation. Last week, the feds announced measurable goals and a timeline to transition Medicare, and the overall healthcare system to paying providers based on performance. And improving technology and communication will play a critical role in the success of these models. Full Story

Using Cutting-Edge Technology To Reduce The Cost Of Healthcare

Many patients associate medical treatments with discomfort, oftentimes due to the potentially lengthy procedure and recovery time. Fortunately, the latest technological innovations can help shorten procedures and limit complications and recovery times, and we are frequently seeing new technology added to medical centers to treat patients as efficiently as possible. Full Story

Healthcare Providers, Payers Continue To Be On The Front Lines Of Cyber Risk

While recent high-profile data breaches seem to have focused on multinational retailers like Home Depot, Michaels, and Target, healthcare providers and payers have been—and continue to be—on the front lines of cyber risk. Of the 142 data breaches publicly reported during the last six months of 2014, 47, or approximately one-third, involved the disclosure of personal health information from a public or private healthcare provider or payer. Full Story

As ACOs Gain Popularity, How Can You Parse The Real Deals From Pretenders?

Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are emerging at an extremely fast pace throughout the nation and in North Texas. The country’s ACO tally has jumped to 606, more than four times the ACOs listed in 2011 when there were 138, according to Leavitt Partners. So how can you spot the real ACO versus the pretender? Full Story

Reflections On An Alignment: Cleveland Clinic Teams With Baylor Scott & White

Cleveland Clinic is the No. 1 heart hospital in the country, according to U.S News & World Report. And now, this top program is seeking alliances to help extend its high-quality, efficient, effective care across the country. Cleveland Clinic’s Sydell and Arnold Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute’s leaders say they are looking for organizations that not only deliver care it would be proud of, but organizations that align with them culturally. Full Story

Out Of Network Charges Fuel The Hidden Cost of Healthcare

There’s something hidden that’s also having a profound effect on health care costs: uncontrolled out-of-network charges, especially at emergency rooms, not just in Texas but all over the country. Unfortunately, in Texas and many other places, emergency rooms can charge whatever they want for out-of-network care. Dr. Frederick Watson, Cigna’s senior medical director, digs into this. Full Story

North Texas Can Do More To Stop The Most Preventable Cause of Death

We need all North Texas cities to immediately pass local ordinances banning smoking in public places. You would be surprised how many local cities, including Fort Worth, Irving, Addison and Richardson, have no such laws. Accordingly, we need to contact our mayors and city council members and insist the population’s health far outweighs any other consideration. Full Story