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Out Of Network Charges Fuel The Hidden Cost of Healthcare

There’s something hidden that’s also having a profound effect on health care costs: uncontrolled out-of-network charges, especially at emergency rooms, not just in Texas but all over the country. Unfortunately, in Texas and many other places, emergency rooms can charge whatever they want for out-of-network care. Dr. Frederick Watson, Cigna’s senior medical director, digs into this. Full Story

North Texas Can Do More To Stop The Most Preventable Cause of Death

We need all North Texas cities to immediately pass local ordinances banning smoking in public places. You would be surprised how many local cities, including Fort Worth, Irving, Addison and Richardson, have no such laws. Accordingly, we need to contact our mayors and city council members and insist the population’s health far outweighs any other consideration. Full Story

Why ‘Bad’ Leaders Actually Make the Best Leaders

How can we escape a low view of leadership? Although counterintuitive, we can, and should, look at our own shortcomings as powerful insights for our personal growth. Further, when our insights are used to teach others, we move far away from cheap leadership to become what others will see as a great leader. Full Story

Finding The Push For A Remarkable Patient Experience

Studies have shown that positive personal and physical environment improves patient recovery time. Healthcare professionals may not be able to completely control the outcome, but the approach to making the patient experience positive, through extra, creative effort is changing. There are many examples, but here are three I know of that help make the point. Full Story

Dispatch From D.C.: An Increased Focus On Home And Palliative Care

In September, Axxess, along with the Alliance for Home Health Quality and Innovation and others, sponsored and participated in a workshop forum with the Institute of Medicine and the National Research Council on the current state of home-based services that address aging, disability, and independence. CEO John Olajide wrote about the event and how it could help lower the cost of healthcare. Full Story

How Are Employers Responding To The Healthcare Law?

What’s clear and not at all surprising is that employers have their hands full. Most said the law has increased their administrative burden. That burden includes communicating with employees about public exchanges, and tracking and reporting hours, eligibility and certification of plans. Full Story

Baylor Scott & White Health Turns One Year Old

I am often asked why Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare merged in 2013. Like many big ideas, it had simple beginnings. Believe it or not, it actually began with a discussion over breakfast that eventually led to the board approving the merger. Full Story