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How Space And Function Can Of A Medical Office Can Boost The Patient Experience

Consumer demand has become an inexorable driver of change in the healthcare industry. The change has resulted in a consumer-facing delivery model and an increased emphasis on the patient experience. The patient experience includes variables that directly correlate to real estate: amenities, convenience, comfort, service, and aesthetics, writes Webber Beall, vice president of Lincoln Harris CSG. Full Story

Small, Midsize Employers Look For Roadmaps To Manage Healthcare Costs

Small to midsize employers often are standard-bearers for qualities like independence and gritty self-reliance. That’s probably ideal for managing tasks like IT infrastructure or corporate communications. However, when it comes to managing healthcare benefits, independence, and self-reliance could have a cost. Full Story

Healthcare Expenses Are More Than Medical Treatment

The healthcare delivery system in the U.S. is complex in that we provide care to patients with diverse values, therefore, in many cases, we tailor the delivery system to meet the patients’ social, cultural and linguistic needs. The Commonwealth Fund recently released a publication citing the U.S. for spending more on healthcare than other high-income countries. We have certainly heard this before and acknowledge that healthcare expenditures consumed 17.1 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013. The healthcare industry through the Triple Aim of better health, better care and better value is working to reduce costs and improve… Full Story

How Texas’ Largest Insurer Changed Its Offerings For This Period Of Open Enrollment

We still don’t know the full impact of the healthcare law. This new age of healthcare has only begun, and it will continue to evolve. Likewise, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas is modifying insurance offerings as it adjusts to the new marketplace that the Affordable Care Act created. Here, the chief medical officer explains what that means. Full Story

The Keys To Creating A Value-Add Medical Office Building Lease

More than a few physicians and practice managers have reported that leasing medical office building (MOB) space is a nightmare. Others say the process is difficult and cumbersome, but shrug it off as a necessary cost of doing business. In this three-part series we will offer a few tips with the intent of not only relieving the stress of leasing MOB space, but also exploring the idea of the “value-add lease.” We refer to the value-add lease as the optimal mix of space, function, location, economics and structure. Full Story

Is It Time To End The War Over Business Associate Agreements?

If you are involved in medical contracting at all, you are aware of the “BAA Wars.” HIPAA requires healthcare providers, health plans, and other covered entities to enter into “business associate agreements” (BAAs) with any vendors or contractors that will come into contact with medical records or other “protected health information” (PHI). Most “business associates” (as such vendors are known in HIPAA) and covered entities have their own form of BAA, which often leads to the immovable object/irresistible force situation: a big and powerful healthcare provider such as a large hospital system contracts with a big and powerful vendor such… Full Story

How Vulnerability Can Aid In Implementing The Affordable Care Act’s Reforms

Healthcare providers should ask themselves: what is our work as we implement the ACA? They need to listen for discouraging comments suggest that we are stalled in status quo and to push toward becoming an organization where vulnerability is accepted, writes Gary Carini, a longtime healthcare consultant and associate dean for graduate programs at the Hankamer School of Baylor University. Full Story

Major Change Now Imminent For Providers: Are You Ready For ICD-10?

On October 1, the transition to ICD-10 medical coding takes effect for all U.S. healthcare providers subject to HIPAA regulations. This is one of the most extensive changes in the healthcare industry in the last few decades. And it will affect every aspect of a provider’s business, from proper diagnoses to productivity to Medicare reimbursements. Full Story