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Asthma’s Impact On North Texas

One in 10 Texas children has asthma, including approximately 90,000 in North Texas. It is the most common chronic condition affecting kids under 18 in the U.S. and among the top five reasons for emergency department visits in most pediatric centers—including Children’s Medical Center Dallas. However, it is also a condition that can be easily managed. If families learn how to properly manage their child’s asthma, they can not only save thousands of dollars, but also control the symptoms of asthma. May is Asthma Awareness Month, encouraging those with asthma to take control of their condition. Management requires ongoing education… Full Story

Lack of Nurse Wellness Hinders Healthcare Industry Success

Nurses are loved. It’s easy to understand why: nurses serve us as counselors, comforters, confidants, and great listeners. Their bedside manners play a crucial role in seeing patients and their families through the toughest times. Nurses are indispensable to healthcare delivery as caregivers, patient advocates, managers of care, and decision makers who use critical thinking skills to come up with the best outcomes for patients. Polls conducted by the Gallup Organization consistently list nursing as one of the nation’s most trusted professions, but many nurses pay a huge price for their service. The following are some of the biggest threats… Full Story

National Athletic Training Month Highlights Need For Funding to Continue Specialized Service

Throughout the United States, athletic trainers save countless lives each year through emergency care and mostly through prevention. Athletic trainers are licensed healthcare professionals. They are critically important members of a medical team and often work closely with physicians to provide an array of services, including injury prevention, emergency care, clinical diagnosis and injury rehabilitation. Their role has increased significantly in recent years and is only expected to rise dramatically in the coming years. Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that in the 10-year span from 2014-2024, employment of athletic trainers will grow by 21 percent, higher than the… Full Story

Texas Should Continue State Funding for Trauma Centers

Every year, nearly 130,000 Texans experience a traumatic injury. These are potentially life-threatening injuries stemming from motor vehicle crashes, falls, industrial events, gunshot wounds, and assaults. On July 7, 2016, the North Texas community was the epicenter of a high-profile, mass-shooting trauma incident when a heavily armed sniper opened fire on Dallas police officers, ultimately killing five and wounding nine other officers and two civilians. In the days and weeks that followed that July night, the life stories of the trauma victims who survived and those who perished were in the national spotlight. None of us who responded to this… Full Story

Investing in Healthcare Businesses: The Metrics that Matter Most

For companies providing healthcare services, the landscape is crowded, fragmented and messy. The financial data often hides more pertinent information than it reveals, rendering a rather murky due diligence process. The path to profitability can be distorted and volatile. Nonetheless, healthcare businesses, large and small, continue to be attractive targets for investors as the demand for healthcare services grows with the demographics. Whether a healthcare company is being considered for an acquisition or simply under review by industry analysts or potential shareholders, financial metrics (those found in income statements, balance sheets, cash flow reports, etc.) are undisputedly accepted as a… Full Story