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Real Estate as an Enhanced Strategy for Health Systems

Even in an age of increasing virtual reality in business, health systems are considering the opportunities to serve their markets through improving health and offering services. Yet the fact remains that much of the programs, administration, and services must be housed in buildings developed to provide the proper environments for business, clinical operations, and functional support. So real estate remains a necessary consideration in strategies vital to support a systems’ vision and mission. From the traditional development of hospitals to support a population in a region, to the outgrowth of outpatient programs and medical support businesses nearby, to the full-scale… Full Story

Asthma’s Impact On North Texas

One in 10 Texas children has asthma, including approximately 90,000 in North Texas. It is the most common chronic condition affecting kids under 18 in the U.S. and among the top five reasons for emergency department visits in most pediatric centers—including Children’s Medical Center Dallas. However, it is also a condition that can be easily managed. If families learn how to properly manage their child’s asthma, they can not only save thousands of dollars, but also control the symptoms of asthma. May is Asthma Awareness Month, encouraging those with asthma to take control of their condition. Management requires ongoing education… Full Story