National, Local Healthcare Players Attend Dealmakers Conference In Dallas

It’s no secret healthcare is a shifty industry, warping and weaving and reconfiguring itself more rapidly than most other economic sectors. So for the vendors and third-party companies looking to contract with or sell to health providers, it’s paramount to be ahead of the trends that reset the industry’s path. Full Story

How to Make Healthcare Pricing Transparent

It’s difficult for consumers—and employers—to consider costs when making treatment decisions. There is little doubt price transparency is a must-do for the U.S. healthcare system. One in four Americans struggled to pay medical bills in 2012, and one in 10 said they could not pay medical bills at all. Full Story

Tenet, Humana Extend Network Contract To Include Five New Markets

Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corporation and Humana Inc. have signed a multi-year contract extension that provides Humana Exchange members in five new markets in-network access to Tenet facilities and physicians. Members in Atlanta, Birmingham, Houston, Memphis, and San Antonio now join those in Chicago, Detroit, and Phoenix as beneficiaries of the Tenet and Humana agreement. Full Story