How Will Texas Go About Renewing The Expiring Medicaid 1115 Waiver?

Healthcare providers are closely watching how the state will address renewing the five year Medicaid 1115 waiver, which has sent billions of dollars into their coffers since it was signed by the Obama administration in 2011. Last week, the state sent a preliminary report to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that maps out a likely strategy of how Texas will apply for a renewal. Full Story

Senate Health Committee Keeps Door Open For Alternatives To Medicaid Expansion

On Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services issued its 58-page report detailing recommendations for the upcoming legislative session, as ordered by outgoing Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst. Among those: find “common-sense reforms such as cost sharing, health savings accounts, variable benefit packages, and high deductible emergency care plans.” Full Story

Need To Know: Attorney Kimberly K. Bocell

Kimberly K. Bocell may be the reason the surgeon who once saved your life can one day save another. When complaints are lodged against practitioners, the 39-year-old defense attorney is happy to argue their cases before a jury or the Texas Medical Board or the hospitals where the procedures took place. These are her people. Full Story

Federal Court Ruling Allows Strict Abortion Regulations To Be Enacted

The U.S. 5th Circuit Court stayed the lower judge’s ruling that blocked Texas from enforcing provisions from House Bill 2 that required clinics meet the standards of ambulatory surgical centers. The provision requires clinics that offer abortions obtain operating rooms and air filtration systems. Full Story