Today, The Future Of Telemedicine In Texas Is In The Hands Of The Medical Board

The Texas Medical Board is set to decide by Friday whether to adopt amendments to its guidelines that will limit the scope of telemedicine, decisions that industry proponents say will likely gut the practice. The decision marks the end of a nearly four year standoff between the board, which maintains that the practice must be reined in to ensure patient safety, and Dallas-based Teladoc, the largest provider of such services in America. Full Story

How A 34-Year-Old Swedish Surgeon Created Baylor’s Three-Decade Old Transplant Program

Thirty years ago, Dr. Goran Klintmalm was 34-years-old and living in Sweden. Liver transplants were considered human experimentation, a last-ditch effort with an 80 percent fatality rate to save a life that would end without the procedure. Medicare and Medicaid didn’t reimburse for it, nor did many insurance providers. Nevertheless, Baylor Health Care System CEO Boone Powell Jr. charged ahead. Full Story

Annual J.P. Morgan Conference Shows The Shape Of Healthcare To Come

Hubert Zajicek is the president and CEO of Health Wildcatters, the downtown healthcare startup accelerator. The 33rd annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference was earlier this week in San Francisco. The invite-only event attracts some of the industry’s most forward-thinking and influential characters. Zajicek was invited. So D Healthcare Daily asked him to write about what he saw. Full Story

John Olajide, Winnner of D CEO’s Achievement In Technology, Is Growing Home Health

Sometimes all it takes to change one’s life is a little curiosity. While running an errand one day some years ago, John Olajide, then a telecommunications engineering student at the University of Texas at Dallas, discovered that a home health agency where his aunt was nursing director lacked a network to link all of its computers. Olajide, a Nigerian native and computer lover, got the boss to pay him to enable all the agency’s computers to talk to each other. Full Story