EY’s 2016 Healthcare Entrepreneurs of the Year

Each year, EY digs into the nation’s most promising entrepreneurs. And with every passing 12 months, more and more healthcare representatives make their way into the list. In Dallas-Fort Worth, there’s representation from a provider group, a hospital system, and services organizations. Highlighted in D CEO’s July-August issue, we’re pleased to bring you EY’s best healthcare entrepreneurs of the year. Full Story

Health Systems In North Texas Look To Enter Startup Investment Market, Beginning With Big Hires

The largest health systems in Dallas-Fort Worth have created teams to hunt down innovative solutions that will help their organizations appeal to consumers and eliminate waste and variation in the delivery of care. It’s among the first large-scale entrepreneurial efforts seen among North Texas’ dominant providers, who have historically built new products and developed services in-house. Full Story

More Health Systems Are Dedicating Money to Venture Capital Funds

Health systems are investing in innovation. You’re seeing it in Dallas-Fort Worth, most notably with the Children’s Health investment initiative with startup tech companies that can change how they deliver care. Children’s has already sunk considerable capital into the urgent care on-demand service Mend and the data analysis startup known as Pieces Technology. Full Story

Children’s Health Funds, Adopts Technology From Dallas Startup

Children’s Health is adding Pieces to the technology it uses within its healthcare system, bolstering the service it can provide to its patients. Pieces Technologies, a software company that helps healthcare systems and community organizations provide better service through data analytics, has launched with a $21.6 million Series A funding round. Full Story