Have A Look At How Nursing Homes In DFW Are Performing With This Searchable Database

Healthcare is overrun with messy data, so I’m all for projects that pare it down, organize it, and spit it back at us in a way that’s easy to digest. That’s the case with a Kaiser Health News piece that dropped this week, pulling data from the markedly less-easy-to-use “Nursing Home Compare” tool from Medicare. The story is about how, after being released from a hospital to the care of a nursing home, one in five Medicare patients “boomerang” back to those hospitals within 30 days. Some nursing homes are better than others. In the middle of the story, we… Full Story

New Research Says Discouraging Continuity Of Care Could Be A Mistake

These days, thanks to the intertwined factors of regulation and consolidation, long-lasting patient-physician relationships are fewer and farther between. But recently, a few researchers have set out to quantify the positive effects of care continuity. One of those researchers is right here in Dallas. Southern Methodist University’s Vishal Ahuja, an assistant professor of operations management, looked at a massive swath of Veterans Affairs data related to Diabetes patients. He analyzed how care continuity—in other words, long-term relationships between patients and doctors—impacted hospitalizations, length of stay, and 30-day readmissions. “In all three cases, what I found was: the better the care… Full Story

Epic Health Services Acquires Georgia Pediatric Care Company

Another day, another new service line for the aggressively growing Epic Health Services. The company on Thursday announced the acquisition of Pediatria Healthcare for Kids, a Georgia-based pediatric home healthcare company that offers skilled nursing and therapy services. It also offers those services beyond in the home, in a center-based outpatient setting. Epic previously had nothing like that before this acquisition. Full Story

Study Links Midlife Obesity To Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers for the journal Molecular Psychology studied data from 1,394 patients who were an average age of 60, 142 of whom developed Alzheimer’s disease. They write that each unit increase in the patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) after 50 was found to accelerate the onset of Alzheimer’s by a rate of 6.7 months. Full Story

Challenges Remain In Caring For The Elderly After Legislature Adjourned

When the 84th Texas Legislature convened in January, officials with the Health and Human Services Commission told lawmakers that long-term nursing care for Medicaid recipients in the state had a $343 million funding hole. By the time it adjourned, the $61.2 billion budgeted over two years for Medicaid didn’t include more funds for long-term care. And elder care advocates are worried about the same challenges being exacerbated over the next two years. Full Story