New Senior Community Planned for Plano

The announcement reflects SRP’s accelerated pace of new initiatives, including construction of a recently announced assisted living and memory care residence in Denton, as well as a new partnership with Oceans Healthcare to develop and build multiple Oceans Behavioral Hospitals throughout Texas. Full Story

Pickens Continues Run of Medical Philanthropy, Breaks Ground on Hospice Center

Back in 1949, T. Boone Pickens married his first wife and, at her request, began attending a Presbyterian church. Despite the fact that his grandfather was a Methodist minister, Pickens began attending services at First Presbyterian Church in Amarillo, and has stayed with the denomination ever since. “This might be my last gift to Presbyterian,” Pickens said Tuesday. “Because at some point I’ll move back to Methodism, because I don’t want to see him [in heaven]…” Whether or not he’ll have to answer to his grandfather for his 64 years of Presbyterianism, Pickens made sure his supposed last donation to… Full Story

Physician Assistant Growth, Need Spikes Nationwide, and in North Texas

The physician assistant profession has grown 34 percent since 2006 and is expected to continue growing, according to data from this year’s American Academy of Physician Assistants annual survey. This growth comes during a time when the nation is facing a growing physician shortage, a gap PAs can help fill, the AAPA reports. For instance, 37 percent of PAs work in medically underserved counties, while 16 percent of PA patients are uninsured, compared to 8 percent of patients treated by physicians, according to the survey. Locally, that demand has brought incoming UNTHSC physician assistant class sizes up to 75 students from around… Full Story

Technology Helps Bridge the Transitions of Care Gap

As John readied himself for discharge from Boston University Medical Center, a pretty, brunette nurse named Elizabeth approached. Dressed in a pink shirt and blue scrub pants, she showed John his discharge plan, reminded him of the medicines he was prescribed for after his hospital stay, and gave him the name and phone number of his post-hospital doc. She added one more thing: “So, are you a Red Sox fan?” John said yes, so Elizabeth responded. “I would really like to see a game someday,” she said. “But they don’t allow computers at Fenway Park.” Elizabeth is an avatar, placed… Full Story

Home Care Aides Now Covered by Wage and Overtime Laws

Minimum wage and overtime protections have been extended to the nation’s nearly two million home care workers, Obama administration officials announced this week. The Fair Labor Standards Act will be extended to home care workers, U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez said. Those affected by the rule will receive the same protections as people providing similar services in hospitals and nursing homes, effective Jan. 1, 2015. “Many American families rely on the vital services provided by direct care workers,” Perez said. “Because of their hard work, countless Americans are able to live independently, go to work and participate more fully in their communities. Today we… Full Story