How To Make Your Employees Lose Nearly 50,000 Pounds In 3 Years

Few industries are as critical to the vibrancy of North Texas as healthcare. The sector adds more than $52 billion to the local economy each year and supports at least 600,000 regional jobs. It’s also tough to find a field with a more virtuous mission; after all, healthcare companies and workers are in the business of improving and saving lives. We think that’s worth a little recognition. D CEO’s new Excellence in Healthcare Awards—produced in partnership with our online news site, D Healthcare Daily—honor industry executives, practitioners, innovators, researchers, and others who stand out in their fields. The inaugural program attracted… Full Story

John Olajide, Winnner of D CEO’s Achievement In Technology, Is Growing Home Health

Sometimes all it takes to change one’s life is a little curiosity. While running an errand one day some years ago, John Olajide, then a telecommunications engineering student at the University of Texas at Dallas, discovered that a home health agency where his aunt was nursing director lacked a network to link all of its computers. Olajide, a Nigerian native and computer lover, got the boss to pay him to enable all the agency’s computers to talk to each other. Full Story