Ebola: Our Work Is Not Done, Time To Learn From Successes Abroad

As Dallas struggles to find balance in its battle with Ebola after a series of missteps—missteps that have resulted in a transformation at a federal level of how the U.S. will deal with future cases—it’s an opportune time to look at the work of others who are at the heart of the epidemic in West Africa. What have they learned that could be put to use here? Conversely, what can we do here to halt the epidemic there? Full Story

Need To Know: Attorney Kimberly K. Bocell

Kimberly K. Bocell may be the reason the surgeon who once saved your life can one day save another. When complaints are lodged against practitioners, the 39-year-old defense attorney is happy to argue their cases before a jury or the Texas Medical Board or the hospitals where the procedures took place. These are her people. Full Story

Palliative Care: The Nuance Missing From Modern Healthcare

For decades, modern healthcare has had a gap between aggressive treatment and hospice care. A patient with a serious illness either fought it as hard as he could, often to the detriment of his remaining days, or resigned to die in hospice. For Baylor Scott & White Health, Dr. Robert Fine now fills that space. He presents his Supportive and Palliative Care Program as the nuance that has been missing in the treatment of serious illnesses. Full Story