Presenting D CEO’s Outstanding Healthcare Executive: Dr. Stephen Mansfield of Methodist Health System

In eight years, the system under Mansfield has nearly tripled its revenue, ballooning from $450 million in 2006 to more than $1.1 billion. It now has seven hospitals in its portfolio, and boosted its primary care locations from six to 26. The 14,000 enrollees in its Accountable Care Organization also saved Medicare $12.7 million last year. And then there’s the new trauma center and a historic collaboration. Full Story

Disruption And Innovation: Health Wildcatters’ Second Group Of Graduates Pitch Their Companies

In return for 8 percent equity, Health Wildcatters provides $30,000 and a 12-week crash course in how to attract investors. With the help of a stable of mentors, the entrepreneurs’ nascent business models will weave and warp and transform. The entrepreneurs will work on conveying confidence and passion; the pitch they’ll give to investors on the so-called Pitch Day—in some cases the largest audience they’ve ever appealed to—will need to pique interests enough for those with the cash to further inquire about the company. Here’s how that all went. Full Story

Second Class Of Health Wildcatters Startups Prepare For Pitch Day

Sans the rhythmic pitter-patter of a Ping-Pong ball smacking the table in another room, it was quiet at Health Wildcatters’ downtown headquarters Friday afternoon. It was four days before the dozen startups will climb onto a stage at the Majestic Theater and condense what they’ve learned during the three-month accelerator program into a five-minute pitch. Full Story