As ACA Enrollment Grows, The Challenges To Reach The Uninsured Become More Nuanced

When the Affordable Care Act’s third open enrollment period began in November, the healthcare reform news cycle had zeroed in on record-setting losses among the major insurers, narrowing networks, and increasing premiums. But once enrollment began, its momentum carried it above all those roadblocks. And by the time the period ended three months later, on January 31, more than 1.3 million Texans had enrolled in an Obamacare plan, about 100,000 more than the previous period. According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, about one of every three signups was a new registrant. The others were… Full Story

The Medical Center Of Plano Opens Brain And Spine Hospital

The $66 million facility can house 34 patients with 24-hour monitoring. There are another 34 rooms reserved for patients with non-critical ailments. The center is Collin County’s only Comprehensive Level I stroke facility, a certification granted by the Texas Department of State Health Services. It is the flagship center for the Texas Stroke Institute, a regional network of 11 DFW area hospitals. Full Story

Alcon Experience Center Helps Eye-Care Company Share Its $10 Billion Vision

Alcon’s employees deal with a variety of ophthalmologists, surgeons, pharmacists, and retailers. Until late last year, many such interactions happened primarily in hotels’ conference rooms. But that changed in early December, when the $7 million Alcon Experience Center opened at the firm’s headquarters in south Fort Worth. Full Story

Study: Decrease In Contraceptives, Increase In Births After Texas’ Planned Parenthood Cuts

Researchers at the University of Texas took to the pages of The New England Journal of Medicine to discover if and how defunding Planned Parenthood affected access to healthcare. It found that it indeed did lead to a decrease in contraceptive services and an increase in births among Medicaid recipients who would’ve used said contraceptives. Full Story

Report: In Age Of Reform, Insurance Companies Bet On Public Plans Instead Of Commercial

In the age of healthcare reform and hospital consolidation, insurers have begun to hone in on taxpayer-funded plans to shore up revenue. Modern Healthcare takes a look at the SEC filings for some of the nation’s largest payers, finding that “the industry is creatively maneuvering into new lines of business.” Full Story

Why More Doctors Are Walking Away From Medicare

More and more doctors are electing not to work with Medicare, and while there are a multitude of factors in play, it all boils down to reimbursement. The Affordable Care Act has certainly played a part in this migration. While the ACA has afforded millions of Americans the opportunity to have access to healthcare, it hardly provides incentive for doctors to work with Medicare patients moving forward. Full Story