5 DISD Students Came Into Contact With Ebola Patient Who Was Sent Home After Miscommunication

The man who would become the first Ebola diagnosis in the United States was feverish and suffering from abdominal pain when he first sought care on September 26 at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas. He informed the nurses that he recently traveled to Liberia, but was still discharged with a prescription for antibiotics. Full Story

Ron Kirk’s Brush With Death — And Methodist’s Trauma Unit

To get an idea of just how close Ron Kirk came to dying, look at the 6 inches that separate the former Dallas mayor’s bicep and his face. There’s now a jagged 4-by-4-inch scar about halfway up his left arm, a trace of the nearly 90 stitches that he needed after being gored by a metal ladder that crashed through the windshield of his C-Class Mercedes in 2010. Full Story

Dallas Hospital Isolates Patient Who May Be Infected With Ebola

Health officials expect preliminary results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by Tuesday. The patient, who has not been identified, is being evaluated for the virus because of his or her “symptoms and recent travel history.” The virus can begin showing symptoms within two days of infection, causing fever, diarrhea, severe stomach pains, and vomiting. Full Story

Here Are The Best Doctors In North Texas

This year, 1,919 doctors voted. We vetted each voter’s Texas medical license number to ensure they were valid. We teamed up with Spych Market Analytics, a research agency that validated and tallied the votes. We presented the tallied list to an anonymous panel of esteemed physicians. And here they are. Full Story