How The Father Of Health Savings Accounts Was Felled By An Office Romance

In the world of free-market think tanks, John C. Goodman was a star. Best known as the “Father of Health Savings Accounts,” Goodman was the founding president of the 31-year-old NCPA and a nationally quoted champion of privatization, tax reform, and a consumer-driven health system. So it came as a surprise, to put it mildly, when the think tank announced in June that its board of directors had dismissed the 68-year-old Goodman as president and CEO. Full Story

Facing an Uncertain Future, Physicians Increasingly Throw in the Towel

As the healthcare landscape changes, do the economics of a solo physician practice even work anymore? Only 1 out of 4 physicians say they plan to continue practicing as they are, while half said they plan to exit the traditional full-time independent private-practice model. Here are some of the drivers pushing the changes physicians are facing. Full Story