UT Southwestern Discovers BRCA1 Gene is Vital for Forming Blood Cells

Researchers with the Harold C. Simmons Comprehensive Cancer Center recently discovered the BRCA1 gene is necessary for the survival of blood-forming stem cells. This could explain why patients with BRCA1 mutations do not have an elevated risk for leukemia, since the stem cells die before they have an opportunity to transform into a blood cancer. Full Story

Fort Worth Startup Encore Vision to Sell to Pharmaceutical Giant Novartis

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis International is scooping up Fort Worth-based Encore Vision as it aims to introduce the market’s first topical treatment of the eye condition presbyopia.

Novartis, a Swiss public company that raked in $49.4 billion in revenue last year, announced the agreement Tuesday, but did not disclose the financial terms. Full Story

UT Dallas Engineer Robert Rennaker Wants to Rewire Your Brain

By Geoffery C. Orsak Robert Rennaker didn’t follow a traditional path to becoming a world-class engineering researcher. Raised in Topeka, Kansas, and moving regularly from city to city across the Midwest because of the demands of his father’s work, Rennaker wasn’t what you’d call “committed” to high school. In his senior year, he decided to join the military, signed up with the Marine Corps, and shipped off to boot camp in San Diego. After surviving what he calls the toughest 12 weeks of his life, he was assigned in 1989 to repair the hydraulic and pneumatic systems on the CH-46 Sea… Full Story

The Nation’s First Four Uterine Transplants From A Living Donor Performed at Baylor University Medical Center

Over eight days in September, Baylor University Medical Center performed the first four living-donor uterine transplants ever done in North America. Three of those had to be taken out, but the East Dallas hospital remains “cautiously optimistic” that the fourth patient will be the nation’s first to achieve uterine functionality after a transplant. Full Story