UT Southwestern Announces Early Collaborative Grants for Heavy Ion Project With UTA

UT Southwestern Medical Center is enlisting the help of a UT Arlington professor Dr. Mingwu Jin to bolster their effort to become the first heavy ion cancer treatment center in the United States. Jin, a physics professor with a background in electrical imaging and radiology, hopes to develop an imaging system that will help doctors see how each treatment is affecting a patient in real time, making it easier to adjust the dosage as needed. Full Story

Survey: Nearly Three Quarters of Physicians Say They Haven’t Seen ROI From Electronic Records

About three-quarters of physicians who have invested in an electronic health record system report not having seen a return on their investment. That’s according to findings in Physician Practice magazine’s first ever technology report, which contains results from 1,568 physicians, mid-levels, and practice administrators across the country, 63.3 percent of whom are independent. About 28 percent were employed by a system. Full Story

Nominations Are Open for D CEO’s 2016 Excellence in Healthcare Awards

This year’s edition will be a little different (you’ll see!), but we’re still eager to receive nominations in these 11 categories. We’re looking for stories of remarkable volunteers all the way up to the hardworking executives, from the big hospital systems to the scrappy independents. Wellness programs, community outreach, medical real estate—by the time you’re done reading the feature, we hope we’ve provided a comprehensive view of the healthcare industry in Dallas-Fort Worth and those that are pioneering new care models, cost-saving techniques, and population health strategies. Full Story

UT Southwestern Details $200M Heavy Ion Center As Biden Calls For Better Collaboration To Beat Cancer

The university on Wednesday highlighted the effort as in line with Vice President Joe Biden’s so-called ‘Moonshot’ initiative, which is aimed at delivering resources to medical researchers and providers to make a decade’s worth of progress in battling cancer over the next five years. The event was one of 270 summits held in concert across the country, during which Biden spoke from Howard University, which was beamed in via YouTube. Full Story