Baylor S&W And Baylor College Of Medicine Partner To Form Statewide Research Consortium

The pairing brings together the largest nonprofit health system in the state and the research program that received more funding from the National Institutes of Health than any other in Texas. The strategy to create a joint operating company is in line with both organizations’ efforts to bring their brands to new communities without needing to establish a new brick and mortar presence. Full Story

Dallas-Based Research Across America Bought By London Firm Synexus

London’s Synexus Ltd. has acquired the Dallas-based clinical trial contractor Research Across in America in a deal that marks the British research company’s first foray into the U.S. Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, the founder of the company, will remain on as a chief medical consultant. None of his 100 employees in Dallas and El Paso lost their jobs either, he said. Neither company is discussing financial details, however Adelglass said it was a “fair and equitable deal.” Since its creation about 25 years ago, Research Across America has conducted more than 2,000 clinical trials that have been submitted to the Food… Full Story

The Most Read Healthcare Stories From 2015, All In One Place

Looking at analytics, 2015 may be the year that the true impact of the Affordable Care Act became visible. Locally, there were more large-scale alliances and partnerships and fewer outright acquisitions. Readers remain curious about the future of the physician shortage in Texas and the potential for technology to improve access to care. And while there were no global stories of interest to come out of North Texas, one dominated the website’s readers: The collapse of Forest Park Medical Center. The luxury physician-owned hospital chain is now beset by multiple bankruptcy filings, closures, and the indictment of one of its… Full Story

At UNT Health Science Center, A Blood Test ID’s Early Alzheimer’s In Mexican-Americans

The research, the authors contend, shows how impactful a blood test could be if it’s administered during annual checkups in aging patients. The biomarkers, whether they be inflammatory or metabolic, were proven to identify patients with mild memory impairment, which is often a precursor to the deadly Alzheimer’s disease. Catch it early, and the patients have more of a chance to slow or outright stop its development. Full Story