Hospital Systems Are Rushing To Plant Sports Medicine Investments in Collin County

Near the end of the first set of a close volleyball match in January, Alexis James, a young, sought-after recruit from Frisco, called for a “three” set, meaning a quick set toward the inside portion of Alexis’ position. What came instead looked more like a “hut,” a set that shoots out toward the antenna located at the end of the net. Alexis made a quick adjustment but came down awkwardly on her left leg. Raised by a football-coach father, she shook it off and kept playing. It wasn’t until two weeks later—after insistence by her club-team coaches that she was fine,… Full Story

Whole Body Cryogenic Therapy: A Secret Weapon For Recovery Or Sham Science?

Whole body cryogenic therapy is a relatively new form of recovery that involves standing in a vertical chamber for three minutes while engulfed in nitrogen vapor that can get to -250º Fahrenheit. While peer-reviewed studies are sparse, athletes, including NBA players, are singing its praises. Full Story

Dallas Company Draws FDA Investigation After Product Linked to Hepatitis Deaths

Food and Drug Administration investigations have become second nature for Dallas-based USP Labs, after a recent look by the federal agency linked one of the company’s supplements to a hepatitis outbreak in Hawaii. The FDA issued a warning last week linking the company’s bodybuilding supplement OxyElite Pro to an outbreak of non-viral hepatitis. Nearly 30 patients have been hospitalized with acute heptatitis so far, two dozen of whom had used OxyElite Pro. Two of those have required liver transplants, and one has died. “The warning letter states that the products are deemed adulterated because they contain a new dietary ingredient (an ingredient… Full Story

Kenneth Cooper Issues Statement on Excessive Running by Older Athletes

In a Nov. 27 Wall Street Journal article about excessive running, Dallas physician Kenneth Cooper was quoted as saying, ” “If you are running more than 15 miles a week, you are doing it for some reason other than health.” Cooper, often called the father of aerobics, issued a statement Tuesday expanding on those remarks. He said he has no concerns about people over age 50 running too much if they have no cardiovascular disease or musculoskeletal problems. He said the theory that running more than 30 miles a week might damage the heart is rare for endurance athletes. Cooper… Full Story

Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine Opens Concussion Treatment Centers

A new state law, House Bill 2038, requires that any UIL athlete who shows signs of a concussion must be removed from competition and obtain written clearance from a physician that the concussion has healed before they are allowed to play. “Natasha’s Law” is named after Natasha Helmick, a North Texas soccer player who suffered a concussion during a high school match. She returned to competition while still suffering the effects of a previous concussion, and today has lingering struggles with memory and mental tasks. To help provide treatment for athletes, Texas Health Ben Hogan Sports Medicine has opened two… Full Story